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Not Doing the Daniel Fast...then the Fast below may be for you!






This section is for those of you who may have health restrictions and/or doctor’s orders that require a certain combination of foods for the sake of your health. So the Daniel fast is not one that you may be able to participate in at this time.  Also, you may be a new beginner to fasting and  the idea of adhering to the restrictions of the Daniel fast simply terrify you.  Not to worry!   This of course, is by no means an indictment on you or on your commitment and desire to draw closer to God.   We here at Elevate Church Tallahassee want you to be successful because remember...fasting is about you bringing your flesh to a place of submission to the spirit and you drawing closer to God

So where do you fit in?

We believe that everyone has an opportunity to sacrifice something to God as a form of fasting. The point here is to offer Him a pleasure you have. Whether it is in eating, entertainment, social media, etc. Essentially you are choosing to offer it to Him in exchange for a deeper focus.  But the key here is sacrifice!  Is what you are offering or "giving up" a sacrifice.  What is or what does sacrifice really mean. According to Webster Dictionary, Sacrifice is "the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone."  When we give up something –something important, something that functions as either a crutch or a pleasure in our lives – we make a sacrifice. This sacrifice helps us in many ways”, and one of the main ways is that it teaches us that we don’t need those things to be happy.  So now our dependence is not solely on it...but on God.


This type of fasting can be a building-block in learning spiritual self-discipline, and can help to prepare you for greater sacrifices that you may be called to make further down the road. So the question is, What are you presenting to God as your sacrifice? Does the absence of it cause a gut wrenching feeling? This level of fasting, as with others, is between you and, to thine own self be true.

If you agree to accept this form of modified fasting, we believe that you will still experience the results of yokes being destroyed, a greater fellowship and communion with God and Miracles, Signs and Wonders being manifested before your very eyes.  

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